The influence of Princeton Prospect Foundation on the eating clubs has been noticeable in many respects. The clubs have made their facilities available for university precepts and seminars, sponsored lectures by guest speakers and members of the faculty, expanded their computer and study facilities, subscribed to newspapers and publications, maintained foreign language tables, and awarded student scholarships, in many cases because of funds raised through the Foundation.

The clubs have likewise been assisted by funds raised through the Foundation to comply with state mandated safety and building code requirements and to renovate those sections of the buildings that are devoted to educationally related activities or to maintain the historic and architectural significance of the clubs.  In the middle 1980s, in recognition of the contribution that this tax-exempt organization was making to club life, Levering Cartwright ’26 donated $75,000 to the Foundation. Within a decade and a half after other clubs had joined the Foundation, they collectively had raised over $5 million in tax deductible funds from alumni and friends.

Princeton Prospect Foundation has continued to stimulate an expanding effort on the part of clubs to engage in educational and also charitable pursuits. These activities have included the introduction of computer terminals in each club used for educational purposes and, more recently, with the cooperation of the University, installation of high-speed wireless Internet access in all of the clubs. The Foundation also has been a major supporter of TruckFest, which since 2014 has been a hugely successful event each April that is the only fully collaborative effort among the eating clubs and by far the largest fundraising effort by students on campus.

The Foundation also now sponsors periodic open houses of the clubs to allow the public to learn about the unique history of the clubs as well as their architecturally significant features.