Welcome to Princeton Prospect Foundation. Here you can find information about the Eating Clubs of Princeton University and the Foundation, which supports and unites the clubs in shared public service efforts and works to preserve and improve the historic buildings of Prospect Avenue.

The clubs have been part of Princeton since Ivy Club was established in 1879. At that time the University was unable to provide the rapidly growing upperclass population with dining options. Since then each club has had its own membership and molded a unique personality. The club system maintains a specific and purposeful distancing from the University, emphasizing the clubs’ independence.

Over 20 different clubs have been established since Ivy first came on the scene. Many of these clubs still operate; however, over the years others have faced financial and membership problems and have been forced to close their doors. Currently there are eleven clubs: Cannon Dial Elm, Cap and Gown, Charter, Cloister, Colonial, Cottage, Ivy, Quadrangle, Terrace, Tiger Inn and Tower. All of these clubs are located adjacent to campus on Prospect Avenue, with the exception of Terrace which is located on Washington Avenue. Each club owns its own facilities housed within mansions of varying architectural styles.

As of the early 1990s, all of the clubs are coeducational and the clubs are governed and operated by both male and female undergraduates. Clubs are approximately 50% female, and there has been at least one female representing one of the clubs as president for the past 6 years.

In addition, from year to year club officers and club members are diverse from an economic, racial, geographic, and political perspective. As a result, each club takes on a different composition every year, thus creating different objectives and interests between and within clubs.

The clubs work hard to make sure everyone is included in the community. Because the clubs are so small, it is typical for the officers to tailor the social and member events to the desires of the membership.