Fundraising under the name of the Princeton Prospect Foundation shall be undertaken by the affiliated organizations exclusively for the purposes outlined above. No funds may be solicited nor used except for the overall educational objectives of Princeton University.

The influence of the Foundation on the upperclass eating clubs has been noticeable in many respects. They have made their facilities available for university precepts and seminars; they have sponsored lectures by members of the faculty; they have expanded their computer and study facilities; they have subscribed to newspapers and publications; they have maintained foreign language tables; and some have awarded student scholarships–all with funds raised through the Foundation.

They have likewise been assisted by funds raised through the Foundation to comply with state mandated safety and building code requirements and to renovate those sections of the buildings that were devoted to educationally related activities. Both of these improvements have necessitated major expenditures for each club. In the middle 1980s, in recognition of the contribution that this tax-exempt organization was making to club life, Levering Cartwright ’26 donated $75,000 to the Foundation, the income of which subsequently has been used for cooperative educational activities among the affiliated members. Within a decade and a half after other clubs had joined the Foundation, which Tower Club had created, they collectively had raised over $5 million tax deductible funds from alumni and other friends.

The Princeton Prospect Foundation has continued to stimulate an expanding effort on the part of clubs to engage in educational pursuits. These activities have included, most notably, the introduction of numerous computer terminals in each club which have been actively used for educational purposes. With the cooperation of the University, the Foundation provided funding for the wiring of these terminals to the University network, thereby granting widespread access to the Internet from the club stations.

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