Mission Statement

Princeton Prospect Foundation (PPF) is an IRC section 501(c)(3) organization whose primary purposes are (a) to facilitate the preservation and restoration of the historically and architecturally significant buildings owned and occupied by Princeton University eating clubs (each a “Club”) and to educate the general public about the history and architecture of the buildings and (b) to further the education of students belonging to the Clubs.

The board members are as follows:

Graham (Sandy) A Harrison ’74- Chairman
Andrea Rabitz- Secretary
Valarie J Bay- Treasurer
Bryant Reid Blount ’08
John Bruestle ’78
Timothy N Burman ’64
Michael P Erdman ’57
James S Farrin ’58
William J Golden ’99
W Preston Granbery ’69
Robert B Haines Esq. ’61
Dr. Howard D Helms ’56
Justin H Kimball ’61
Douglas B Rubin ’81

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